Trampoline & Tumbling

Did you know that Trampoline is an Olympic Sport? Starting at the 2008 Olympic games, Trampoline has become an Olympic sport. The sport of Trampoline & Tumbling have three apparatus; Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline, and Power Tumbling. Your child will learn the basics in all three, while increasing their balance, flexibility, strength and air awareness.


Turn your back yard trampoline in to a constructive activity or a competitive sport. The gymnastics revolution has both. Our classes meet once a week and our teams meet twice a week, from beginner to advanced. Our Trampoline & Tumbling Team swept the medals in 2009, when every member of our team earned the titles of State Champions. JOIN THE REVOLUTION!




Jr. Jumper

Coed - Ages 4-6

This class is for the young child who is literally "bouncing off the wall" they will bounce their way through learning while focusing on trampoline skills and floor tumbling.


Trampoline & Tumbling

Coed - Ages 6-17




Tumbling Only

Beginner: Up to Back HandSpring

Intermediate: Back HandSpring with Spot



No shoes are permitted on the gym floor. (Trampoline shoes are permitted when using trampoline and double mini.)