Preschool Gymnastics

Our preschool classes are designed for children form ages 1 to 5. We aim to further a child's physical development and coordination while teaching strength, balance, flexibility and discipline. Our young gymnasts use the scaled down gymnastics equipment to learn "real Gymnastics" through play. We believe that gymnastics is an activity every child should be in from a very early age. These classes are designed to enhance your child's fine and gross motor skills, social skills, strength and coordination through the utilization of beginner gymnastics equipment, and obstacle courses that emphasize climbing, hanging, jumping, running, and rolling in a fun and safe environment.

Small & Tall Classes
(Parent & Child)

Parents participate in the world of the toddler with movement, music, parachute, bubbles,balls and obstacle courses, combined with instruction, while learning about their child's development. The stage is set to enhance key areas of motor development, while stimulating the mind through highly creative activity!

Ages 1 - 3

(45 Minute Classes)




Firecrackers (Tots)

3-5 year old classes enhance emerging Gymnastics skills in an energetic and creative environment. This class is a wonderful place for first time experiences with a teacher and peers! At ages 4&5, children refine basic skills that reinforce a heightened aptitude for all physical sport activities. This class offers greater challenges to the older preschooler on scaled down gymnastics equipment.

Ages 3-5

(50 Minute Classes)




Jr. Tops
Invitational only, for girls ages 3 to 6 who show exceptional abilities, strength and focus, and are working towards level 2 team placement.

(50 Minute class)


No shoes are permitted on the gym floor. (Trampoline shoes are permitted when using trampoline and double mini.)