Boys Recreational & Developmental Classes

At TGR, our Boys Gymnastics classes are from beginner to advanced and ages 5-13. Our certified coaches will work with them on improving strength, flexibility, coordination and age-appropriate skill progressions on the 6 Olympic events (Vault, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Still Rings and Floor Exercise). They will also learn Trampoline skills that relate to skill development for gymnastics. This will also help them to develop life long fitness habits.

Studies show that kids who are engaged in organized group physical activity tend to show mature social skills, high self-esteem, increased learning capacity, advanced problem-solving skills, regular sleep patterns and are less likely to show signs of ADD/ADHD or depression.


Little Stars

(Invitation Only) For Boys Ages 3-5 who show exceptional abilities, strength and focus and who are working towards Jr. Stars and team

(55 Minute Class)



Iron Man

For the extra energetic boy who needs a little more play and a little less wait time. It is a high energy, fast-paced class; all while building strong bodies.

(55 Minute Class)




Boys Beginner/Intermediate

For Boys who want to start Gymnastics at a recreational level. These athletes will benefit from increased physical activity and improve in such areas as strength, flexibility and coordination, while learning the basic gymnastics skills. They will use all 6 Olympic gymnastics events and trampoline skills that relate to gymnastics.

(55 Minute Class)


No shoes are permitted on the gym floor. (Trampoline shoes are permitted when using trampoline and double mini.)