T.U.M.B.L.E. After Care at TGR!

TGR is home to the TUMBLE after school program.Teaching, Understanding, Mobility, Brainstorming, Laughing, and Excellence, TUMBLE is a collaboration at TGR between our seasoned instructors and educators and our top tier gymnastics coaches.Combining our state of the art facility and decades of experience in high level gymnastics with unique instructors who have years of experience as both educators and gymnastics coaches, TUMBLE offers an after school program that cannot be found anywhere else.

Whether it's playing recreational games in our gymnastics facility such as using the obstacle courses, playing floor games, and using various other equipment, to getting instruction on homework and coursework, to fostering your child's creativity in a myriad of activities such as the sport of gymnastics, floor games, strength building activites and so much more - TUMBLE at TGR has something for every child. State of the art buses will transport your child from their school to the TGR facility, where they will have snack time and engage in various activities. TUMBLE is currently starting at $100.00 per week. Come and join us at TGR for our brand new TUMBLE after school program and be part of a unique and unforgettable experience!



View our recreational class shedules below:
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