Summer Camp Revolution at TGR!

Gymnastics Camp at TGR is filled with fun days of gymnastics, games, fitness, movies, crafts, field trips to the rapids water park and more.Your child will learn a ton from professional, certified and caring gymnastics coaches. Come and enjoy our 23,000 sq ft facility with in ground pits and 30ft trampolines. Weekly themes include Mad Science, Olympic Week, Cooking with Chef David, and MORE! Movies are like CINEMATIC ADVENTURES with our 25ft cinema wall.


Tuition for summer camp is as follows:

Full day: $50 per day / $210 per full week

Half day: $35 per day / $150 per full week

For information on weekly themes, please view or print our summer camp brochure HERE.


Week 1:   ENDLESS SUMMER    JUNE 4-8, 2018

Come start off your summer the right way at TGR.  Have fun learning gymnastics, playing games and socializing with your friends.  We’ll end the first week of your endless summer with our famous Water Day on Friday.  Come make it an Endless Summer at TGR!




Week 2: WILD KINGDOM  JUNE 11-15, 2018

It’s a wild, wild world out there.  Have fun exploring the wildlife of the world with us.  See what interesting and amazing creatures there are on the planet.  You can even share some of your own experiences that you’ve personally had with wildlife.  Get to know creatures that you didn’t even know existed.  Come get wild with TGR this week!




Week 3: COOKING WITH CHEF DAVID   JUNE 18-22, 2018

Don’t miss out on the most popular and talked about week of TGR summer camp.  Cooking with Chef David week has even been profiled on the local news.  You’ll participate in all aspects of cooking by learning about food combinations, food safety, the tools of cooking and then the reward of eating it all in the end!  We’ll enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, comfort foods and healthy yet tasty snacks.  On Friday, we will enjoy an outdoor barbeque and another fun Water Day!





You’ll get the chance to meet them and learn about the jobs that our American Heroes perform every day to keep us safe and free.  We’ll see the military, police and fire rescue right at our gym.  Don’t miss out on the cool toys that they bring by.  You’ll get the chance to get hands on with the fun stuff.  You’ll also get to ask questions and learn about all the things you’ve always wanted to know.  Come celebrate our heroes this week!




Week 5: Closed for July 4th Week



Week 6: WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS  JULY 9-13, 2018

You’ll get a chance to learn about more than just gymnastics this week.  We explore many of the exciting and unknown sports of the world.  We will engage in different sports at the gym during the week.  We will also spend one day with a field trip to the popular event, “Kids Fitness Festival.”  You will be able to participate in many sports and activities that you already know and love, and you’ll also play sports that you may have never heard of.  Let’s get physical!




Week 7: WINTER IN JULY  JULY 16-20, 2018

The heat is on!  It’s the middle of July, but at TGR it’s nice and cool.  As a matter of fact, it’s down right cold.  It is actually forecast to snow at the gym on Friday.  All week long we will be in a winter wonderland.  Fun and games will all be related to the winter.  Unpack those winter clothes and come enjoy this unseasonably COLD weather with us in the middle of the summer.




Week 8: AROUND THE WORLD IN 5 DAYS  JULY 23-27, 2018

Instead of going around the world in 80 days, we’ll do it in just 5 days.  Find out what makes the rest of the planet so different and interesting.  Explore the history, cultures, wildlife, sights and people of the rest of the world.  You can even show and tell some of the unique things you and your family have gathered on trips.  Get your passports ready to jet around the world with us!




Week 9: WATER WORKS  JULY 30-AUGUST 3, 2018

The name says it all.  This week is all about water.  You will get wet every day (weather permitting).  The week ends on Friday with a visit to the exciting Rapids Water Park.  We will enjoy the water each day and learn how to do it safely.  It’ll be a great way to refresh in all that late summer heat.  Your summer is almost over, so don’t miss another minute of it!




Week 10: HOLD ON TO SUMMER  AUGUST 6-10, 2018

Its sad to say, but this is your last week of summer vacation.  Don’t let that get you down though.  Make sure that you spend every last minute at TGR doing the fun things you love.  This week will be jam packed with all the gymnastics, fun games and socializing that you’ve experienced all summer.  Wouldn’t you rather be doing all these fun things instead of shopping for school clothes and supplies, getting your hair cut and those school physicals with the dreaded vaccinations?  You bet you’d rather be here!  Tell mom and dad that you’re going to hold on to summer at TGR this week and they can do all the chores without you.  We’ll finish the last day of summer with a WATER  DAY!  See you at Camp Revolution!




Additional Information:

Breakfast & snacks are included in the cost of camp.  Additional snacks are available for purchase at the front desk.

You must provide lunch each day.  Friday is Pizza Day for only $5. 

Cooking Week has an activity fee of $30 per week or $10 per day.

Arts and crafts are included weekly.

On water day or during water week, please remember to bring your child dressed in their bathing suits.  Please remember to pack a change of clothes, towel and sunscreen.

Field trips are an added cost.

SOCKS!!!  Don’t forget to bring socks every day for trampoline.